“Can we really get rid of cable and still watch all of the shows, sports and news that we love?”

The answer is YES!

When that shocking cable bill came in for $270.89, we seriously began to weigh the pros and cons of getting rid of cable.  No longer did we ask ourselves if we could get free from the outrageous costs of cable; we vowed to break free.  We stopped with the back-and-forth and started researching. There were two main questions that we needed answer:

How easy will it be to cut the cable cord?

Cutting the cable cord and enjoying a life free from high cable (or satellite) bills is easy. You really won’t need to do much or buy a lot of gadgets but remember, research is key! The more time you spend researching, the better the solution you will have for your family.

How fast can we be free from cable?

You want to get rid of that high cable TV bill NOW! But, if you want to cut cable costs and enjoy free or significantly reduced TV costs, you should spend some time researching options.  Set up a digital HDTV antenna and a streaming device and test it out for a month or two.

To make the transition easier, what my family did was to write down a list of “must have” shows and sports.  Once we compiled the list, we found out where we could find these shows and how much it would cost, if any cost at all.


We were really happy to find out that many of “our” shows, were available free, right over the air via digital antenna. The number of shows and sports that you can watch with just a digital antenna will surprise you.  Check out our digital range map and see some of the channels that you can get just over the air.