apple-tv-logoWhat is AppleTV?

As you probably have guessed, AppleTV is Apple’s answer to streaming entertainment.  AppleTV has been around since 2008 making it the oldest streaming TV and microconsole out there.  Apple believes that the future of television and streaming entertainment is app based.  With apps like Hulu and Netflix as well as iTunes, the AppleTV offers a lot of options for streaming.

And, the newest generation of AppleTV includes Siri so if you’re looking for a show to watch, Siri can help you find it!  With Siri, the AppleTV is more hands-free than ever.

Using iTunes, you can access a huge library and a massive catalog of TV shows, movies and other entertainment.  Streaming services and channels such as HBONow, Showtime and Starz are all available to stream through the AppleTV console.  Whether you want to watch hit Hollywood movies, Indie movies or original movies, series and shows, AppleTV has something for everyone.  And sports fans should be very happy too; you can stream your favorite professional and even college sports over the AppleTV!

With all that AppleTV has to offer, you couldn’t imagine that would be more but there is; entertainment and educational programming just for the kids is an added benefit.  You can also access educational programming, concerts and more.  Bonus, the AppleTV allows you to stream and listen to your favorite podcasts too! Nice things do come in small packages don’t they!

AppleTV is NOT a streaming television service such as SlingTV or Hulu.

Watch iTunes Movies and TV Shows through the AppleTV and Get Apps and Play Games too

Any television show or Hollywood box-office movie that is available on iTunes is available for streaming through your AppleTV.  You can also play app games on the AppleTV console and hook up game controllers via Bluetooth.   There are apps that are specific to AppleTV and you will need to download them onto the console through the App Store.  In many instances, your iPhone/iPad apps may be available as AppleTV apps too.

What Can We Watch on AppleTV?

Everything!  You can even play games and use all the apps from the iTunes store!

 Where Can We Buy AppleTV?

Buy Apple TV on