Here’s A Sample of What You Can Stream with the Roku – All of your favorites, All in one place!screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-10-42-12-pm


The Roku Player Makes It Easy to Watch TV Shows and Movies and even Sports!

One of my favorite streaming devices to use is the Roku box.  We have Chromecast but for our main “family” TV, we plugged in the Roku.  The Roku box let’s us control what we want to watch and if we want to pay for it; or not!  Think of the Roku as one of the ultimate choices in “a la carte” TV, Movie, Sports and Video watching.

What is a Roku Player?

The Roku player connects directly to your TV (with HDMI® or other cables), and to your home (internet) network to stream entertainment. There is a wide selection of streaming channels available on the Roku and you can your favorites in one place.

You get hundreds of free channels and it’s easy to buy or watch movies from places like Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu.  If you already subscribe to these streaming content providers, there is no additional charge. Using a Roku you can even tune into your favorite cable and sports shows.

What Can We Watch on a Roku Player?

With the Roku, you can choose from Streaming Services, Free Channels and also Rent or Buy Options.

 Where Can We Buy a Roku Player?

You can buy a Roku Player directly from Roku or at any of these retailers below: