HDTV Digital Antenna TV Reception

Will a digital antenna tune in all of your favorite network channels and shows?

You will be surprised at the amount of stations that a digital antenna is able to receive!  We were ecstatic to find at our antenna tuned in all of our local networks from the Boston and Southern New Hampshire area as well as many stations from New York and Connecticut too! Plug in your zip code and see what stations may be flying through the air in your area.  Please note that digital antennas will only pick up stations such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX (local) and many PBS stations as well. 

Find Your Free Local Digital Stations - Use the Digital TV Antenna Reception Map.

Courtesy of ChannelMaster and AntennaWeb

Enter your zip code below to get started. The results will vary by location and you may actually receive more stations than the map shows.  Plug in the zip code of two towns closest to you as well, this will give you a more accurate range of reception and stations that you should be able to receive.


How exactly does a digital or HDTV signal work anyway?

Now go find and buy an antenna to get your free TV broadcasts going!