Outdoor HDTV Digital Antennas

Outdoor HDTV digital antennas are the best options when you go cable and satellite free.  Here are a few things you'll need to know.

When you have decided which outdoor HDTV digital antenna to buy, the next thing you need to do is figure out where you are going to mount it.

Two Types of Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna

When looking into purchasing an outdoor antenna, you will have two types to choose from. The amplified and the non-amplified antenna.


Amplified Antennas - These outdoor antennas will mount on the roof of the house.  They will require power to boost a signal from towers that are farther away; installation may be a bit more tricky. 


Non-Amplified Antennas - These antennas will also be mounted to the roof but will not be able to receive signals that are too far at the edge of their range.  You will want to install at a high peak and be sure to point the antenna in the direction of a tower.

Watch Antennas Direct Install An Outdoor Digital HDTV Antenna