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You’ve opened that cable bill and nearly fainted at the cost, especially since that new increase. Now, you’re motivated to once-and-for-all ditch the cable bill and cut the cord!

“Is It Really That Simple?”

Yup. It sure is. You make up your mind to find a solution to the high cost of cable and then it’s a little bit of research and a purchase of an antenna and a streaming device and you’re on your way to cable bill freedom!

Here’s a List of Things to Do to Cut the Cable Cord and Get Free From Cable Bills

  • Decide what channels and shows you absolutely cannot live without – For my family, we narrowed it down to 8 channels and shows, combined. We watch network news and a few network shows as well (free OTA) . The other shows were on channels such as AMC, FX and HBO (I bet you can guess a few of them right?).
  • Buy a digital antenna – We bought a digital antenna a few years ago after we were without power for a few days. It worked like a charm and we dug it out of the attic again to put it to work.
  • Buy a streaming device – Again, we had purchased a Chromecast device back when the power was out and plugged it into the TV; this device is limited in that it only “casts” what is on your mobile device or tablet to your TV. Looking for something that would give us more variety, we settled on a Roku box.
  • Find a streaming service that will suite your entertainment needs – The streaming service we chose to subscribe to was Sling.  We can stream a variety of shows and channels using the Roku box and Sling for relatively little cost.
  • Go home and set up your new HDTV digital antenna and streaming device and take it for a spin – Do NOT cancel your cable or satellite yet, test drive your new cable-free cord cutting setup; give it a month!

Are You Ready Now? Don’t Waste Another Minute or Another Dime on Cable Bills!

You know that going cable free and cutting the cord will work for your family.  Make the call – cut the cable or satellite cord now.  It feels good doesn’t it!

“It’s so sharp and clear”

Look at how bright and clear this game is Mom!  It’s like the players are in our family room.  I think I could touch them they look so alive.

My Son
In our family room


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Those Cable and Satellite Bills Will Continue to Roll In ~
What Are YOU Waiting For?